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Cash remittances of foreigners significantly fund the budget of the Czech Republic

22 March 2015 at 16:25 9690 0

According to the Czech Statistical Office in the year before foreigners living in the Czech Republic, sent home more than $ 20 billion CZK remittances, which is about 1% of GDP, the website said.

On average, foreigners send home 20% of their income from the Czech Republic. Almost a third of the 20 billion was sent to Slovakia, and the sixth part of this was sent to Ukraine.

Nigerians send home less than 60% of their profits, Americans - 53%.

Conversely, less than one tenth of the income is sent home by Chinese, Russians and Vietnamese. This is due to the fact that they tend to immigrate to the Czech Republic with their entire families.

British and Austrians earn in the Czech Republic about 90 thousand CZK per month, the Americans and the French earn about 60 thousand. Ukrainians and Bulgarians is paid worst of all - just over 17 thousand CZK.

About 558 thousand foreigners are living in Czech Republic now. This is about 5% of the population in whole country. 80% of foreigners live in the Czech Republic for more than one year. And foreigners from EU countries are in a minority - about 45%.