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New powers of Czech notaries

16 March 2015 at 11:38 12428 0

According to the magazine Ekonom, Czech notaries will be able to register companies (obchodní rejstřík) on their own since May 2015.

Entry to the trade register will be possible for the notary to make online, so this registration will come into force immediately. The notary will not have the right to refuse entry in the trade register. The cost of such services is about 300 CZK. Every entrepreneur will be able to choose whether to register through a notary or in court.

Registration of the most popular forms of legal entities - Ltd. (s.r.o.), will cost 2,700 CZK, directly in the court - 6 thousand CZK.

Registration of the company will cost eight thousand CZK with a help of notary, and 12 thousand CZK in court.

Source: Ekonom