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The Czech tourism industry needs new workers

05 March 2015 at 14:34 5080 0

Tourism in the Czech Republic remains an area where new workers are needed. This conclusion appears from Czech Statistical Office.

231,300 people worked in the sphere of Czech tourism in 2013 that was more by 0, 8% than in 2013. 81% of workers were employed by employers, other 19% found jobs on their own. In the tourism sector of the Czech Republic there is 4.5% of the working population.

About 70 thousand people worked in cafes and restaurants, about 40 thousand worked in the hotel business and 13 thousand in travel agencies. Another 60 thousand people related to the sphere that serves tourism - production of souvenirs, commerce and communications.

In the Czech sphere of tourism there were working more women than men by 14,100 people. 83% of all workers had a secondary-level education and one in ten had a higher education.

30% of people employed in the Czech tourist field belong to the age group of 25-34 years.