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Czech Republic became a transit country for money laundering

24 February 2015 at 10:08 6072 0

Director of Financial and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic Libor Kazda made a statement in the broadcast of Czech TV-channel that significant part of money crossing Czech Republic to “tax heaven” in Cyprus or Hong Kong belongs to Czech firms with owners from Russia and other post-Soviet countries.

“Czech Republic became a transit country for money laundering amounting to tens and hundreds millions of korunes by Russian owners of Czech firms to other countries. This people live in Czech Republic have their business abroad and use Czech banks for money transferring.”, - Kazda said.

He added that Czech Republic mustn’t be accepted as a country where Russian money was laundering. Furthermore, not every case of the transition to “tax haven” meant transition of “dirty money”.

Nevertheless, in 2014 the Center fixed 3,192 notifications concerning queer transactions, in 2013 there were 2,721 notifications, in 2012 – 2,191. On the ground of the Center’s conclusions 680 criminal cases were opened.